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Financial Leadership Transitions

The departure of senior financial leadership in any organization causes concerns, disruptions and in some cases material amounts of money. SFS can help bridge that gap by providing senior level CFO services during the transition.

This price competitive service provides two objectives.

First, the board, senior management and staff are provided with all routine reports and updates to promote a smooth transition. Second, SFS’s services will include the SFS team member being part of the CFO recruiting process. The big recruiting firms cannot compete with this because they do not have experience with your company. SFS will.

Give us a call. We would love to talk to you about all the value added items that are in this service. What we have found is many times finance departments keep the same processes for many years. Many have become very inefficient. From download instructions to sophisticated customized templates, I have saved 10,000’s of labor hours over the years. We can do that for you and find you a good CFO in the process.

Reporting Improvements, General Ledger Repair and Audit Preparation

Tired of questioned data? Compliance findings? Managers complaining about bad data? Details never available?

At times these can be byproducts of a weak accounting process. If that is the case SFS can defiantly help. Other times it can be a case of lacking reporting capability. This is no fault of management, todays reporting software packages are intentionally sophisticated. That is because those programmed reports can cost upward of $10,000.

St. Angelo Solutions

SFS has developed several data manipulation techniques that allow us to bypass the need for those expenses reports. Meetings come alive when working with clear, concise and accurate data with immediate drill down capability. Call us today for a demonstration.

Grant Reporting, Compliance and Proposals

With experience auditing, writing, operating, and complying with grants and their respective regulations across several departments and agencies, SFS can help with all aspects of your grant needs including:

  • Indirect Cost Rate Submission

  • Financial Audit Findings

  • Reporting Assistance

  • Regulation Consulting

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Audit Preparation

  • Proposals

  • Capital Budgets

  • Capital Grants, Bonds and Other Financing Instruments

St. Angelo Solutions

Contractual CFO and Special Project Services

SFS can provide many CFO services not otherwise available to an agency. From a feasibility study for a capital project to complete oversite of your finance department, SFS can help bridge any financial leadership gaps you may have.

Financial Software Implementation Support (Accounting, PR, HR, Time Management and Reporting)

Many times this is where the source of bad processes or data begins. SFS can provide management in-site on the big picture processes within the software transition. This vision can avoid time consuming post implementation “fixes” as well as bridge the gap between operations and finance needs.

St. Angelo Solutions
St. Angelo Solutions

Business Contract Reviews and Evaluations

Did you know if the lease on your copy machine ends and you do not cancel in writing the lease will renew for another year. That is on a machine you already paid full retail for. Same with your postage machine although I would question why you still have a postage machine.

Items like that as well as CAM fees, amortization schedules, service contracts, and a variety of others items that can cost companies very material amounts of money if not managed correctly. SFS is not looking for a contingent fee agreement on how much money we can save you. We are looking to position ourselves as your business advisors to be proactive in preventing some of these contracts that take advantage of unaware stakeholders.

Budgeting Assistance

One of the usual suspects of a company in poor financial heath is the budgeting process. Many times there is a large disconnect between operations and finance and without a good system that promotes communication and variance analysis this disconnect can result in large negative variances that are disruptive.

SFS can coordinate and facilitate your budgeting process to ensure all voices are heard and all estimates, calculations are verified. 

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